Setting up an exhibit booth is an art. You have an idea of what people would like to experience and making it work in a limited rectangular space can be a challenge.

Having legible signage is a good start. Tables are either 6 feet or 8 feet long, and your tablecloth should be large enough to hang over the front to cover any items stored below the table. Some vendors prefer to have their own lighting to highlight products. You have a choice: use the venue electricity or bring your own.

At the Addison Conference Centre, electricity is provided to all booths at no extra charge. In Conroe, at The Lone Star Expo & Convention Center, there is a fee for electricity. If you wish to bring your own power, consider a device like the NEXPOW, it will keep your laptop charged and your lights going for the day.

NEXPOW Portable Power Station
178Wh Lithium Polymer Battery Emergency Backup Portable Power Source

You may also consider a larger power unit if your needs are greater than LED lights, phone charging, or a credit card machine. link:

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