Sunday Program

Oct 8 | Grapevine, TX
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Sunday Talks

11:30 am

The Transformative Power of Memories

We all have memories that are happy and others that are disturbing. In this talk, Sherry will show you how to free yourself from troubling memories and use happy ones to create more personal power and stay in alignment with your true essence.

Sherry Coffman is an Author, Certified Energy Healer & Teacher, Aroma Freedom Practitioner and Empowerment Mentor. She has spent the past decade working with others to help them live more empowered, joyful lives. Visit:

Sherry Coffman

Sherry Coffman

Certified Energy Healer & Teacher

12:00 pm

The Camouflaged Epidemic: Trauma & Abuse

Trauma and abuse are the greatest plague affecting people. Once this is understood collectively, we can correct and end all crimes against humanity, suffering, abuse, and trafficking, thus restoring functionality back to the physical inhabitants of our beloved Earth, one person at a time. J5 will demonstrate his technique.

In 2019 after studying Edgar Cayce and his methods of meditation, J5 had an out of body experience which unlocked something dormant within him. From that day forward he began being trained in his dreams on how to perform metaphysical sessions to treat the epidemic of trauma, specifically sexual abuse, which he has done professionally for the last 4 years all over the country. Visit:

Johnny 5 (J5)

Johnny 5 (J5)


12:30 PM

EFT- Creating Positive Change One Tap at a Time!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is a form of acupressure similar to acupuncture without the use of needles. Come for a joyous journey with tangible effects as you ask questions and experience how to support yourself with this technique.

EFT Practitioner, teacher, speaker, retreat leader, life coach and author, Helen’s unique tapping style combines energy, humor and compassion to lead people into alignment with their desires, empowering them to live life on purpose with purpose. Visit:

Helen Racz

Helen Racz

psychic, clairvoyant, medium

1:00 PM

Advanced Laws of Healing

Steve Caldwell will lead a team of spiritual healers in a discussion and demonstration of the advanced laws of healing. He has adopted this approach as healing teams have been found to be much stronger than individuals and are considered the future of medicine.

Steve has been a vessel for spirit-led healing for over 35 years. He works with Clinton Peirce, Medical Intuitive, under the banner, “Touch of Heaven”.

Steve Caldwell

Steve Caldwell

Spirit-led Healer

1:30 PM

Gut Microbiome: What’s Bugging You?

The bacteria in our gut help our health. Join Dr. Jennifer to learn how to support your gut microbiome to optimize your health.

Dr. Laing, MD, Board Certified Family Physician, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, integrates complementary medicine on a daily basis into her practice.

Dr. Jennifer Laing, MD

Dr. Jennifer Laing, MD

Family Physician, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master

2:00 PM

DNA Activations…Accessing Your Highest Potential

Join Mary as she shares some insights of DNA Activation benefits and why you should activate yours now. Learn how stepping into the Quantum Realm will allow you to go beyond the possibilities and be the best version of yourself!

Mary Delano Otis is an International Trainer, Speaker and Author with over 30 years of experience in Personal Growth, Transformation and Multi-Dimensional Vibrational Healing. Mary’s unique immersive style is informative, supportive and inspiring. Visit:

Mary Delano Otis

Mary Delano Otis

International Trainer, Speaker and Author

2:30 PM

Balance Your Hormones with Nutrition

Great hormone health starts in the gut! Katie Palmer works with clients to balance their hormones naturally. Proper nutrition and gut support is her number one priority. During this class you will learn foundational skills for your hormone health journey.

Katie is a Certified Herbalist, Blood Analyst, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. She works to identify underlying causes of diseases instead of treating symptoms. She finds healing opportunities and engages her clients in health building.

Katie M. Palmer, FDN-P

Katie M. Palmer, FDN-P

Certified Herbalist, Blood Analyst, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

3:00 PM

Shamanic Drumming & Medical Intuition

Kristina will guide you through a visualization to “see” inside your body with your own medical intuition and clairvoyance. This will be followed by a shamanic journey with a drum and rattle.

Kristina is a medical intuitive, shamanic practitioner. and energy healer who delivers channeled messages, energetic healing, and vibrational sound healing. Kristina provides remote and in-person private sessions and corporate sound bath experiences. Visit:

Kristina Jones

Kristina Jones

medical intuitive, shamanic practitioner

3:30 PM

1- Minute to Serenity: Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

Do you struggle with stress and find it hard to take time for yourself? Join us for a seminar to explore the benefits of mindfulness meditation and the Body Intuitive method to relieve stress and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Passion Healings offers holistic healing by Dr. Divya Sadaram MD, an experienced energy healer, psychic & medical intuitive. Her transformative sessions address subconscious emotions, limiting beliefs & root causes affecting physical, mental & emotional issues. Visit:

Dr. Divya Sadaram

Dr. Divya Sadaram

energy healer, psychic & medical intuitive

4:00 PM

Heal Instantly with Quantum Hypnosis

This technique QHHT, developed by Dolores Cannon, enables direct contact and communication with the Subconscious of any individual for answers to any questions and can also provide the basis for instant healing. Greg will explain this technique.

Greg Good, who has a love for everything natural and organic, has studied quantum physics and metaphysics. He is also trained by Dolores Cannon in Quantum Healing Hypnosis. His company, Green Mantis Wellness, specializes in natural healing modalities for a healthier world. Visit:

Greg Good

Greg Good

Owner, Green Mantis Wellness

4:30 PM

Healing Your Multigenerational Trauma

You don’t just inherit physical DNA you also inherit your Emotional DNA. Illuminating family patterns can shift you deeply in all areas of your life. Find out how to move through years of stuckness to fulfillment and success.

Judy Wilkins-Smith is an international systemic work and patterns expert and the author of Bestselling “Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint” now translated into 8 languages in 8 different countries, an Amazon bestseller and Goodreads must read. Visit:

Judy Wilkins-Smith

Judy Wilkins-Smith

Author of Bestselling “Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint”

Channelled Messages Gallery

$25/person – pay in-person or online

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Walking With Spirit Gallery
[$25 fee]

Come join Terri with Vita Perceptions for an interactive connection with spirit. This gallery will focus on mediumship connections with loved ones, as well as channeled messages from guides, angels and other beautiful energies from the other side.

Terri Groom is a Medium as well as a Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Trance Healer and Life Coach. She utilizes clair senses as well as pure channeling. Terri is a published author under the pen name of A. Tacked and has been featured on Netflix.

Terri Groom

Terri Groom

Medium, Medical Intuitive and Life Coach